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HUK 218 - Commercial Law

Course Objectives

1. Understanding the basic principles of law and providing a legal perspective
2. To comprehend the general concepts and institutions and basic issues in commercial law
3. Learning the concepts of competition and unfair competition, their relations and applications
4. Understanding the types of companies and their differences and the basic principles of company law
5. Ensuring an understanding of the capital-profit relationship by distinguishing the corporate entity and shareholders

Course Description

1. The basic principles of law
2. General principles and practice of commercial law
3. Parties of commercial law and the legal examination of the relations between them
4. The concept of competition and unfair competition
5. Company types and differences between them
6. Operating of joint-stock company
7. Profit and capital relationship and profit distribution
8. Rights and obligations of the shareholder of the company

Course Coordinator
Hasan Karslıoğlu
Course Language
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