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Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide the basic knowledge of econometrics that is essential equipment for any business student, to a level where the participant would be competent to continue with the study of the subject in a graduate programme. While the course is ambitious in terms of its coverage of technical topics, equal importance is attached to the development of an intuitive understanding of the material that will allow these skills to be utilised effectively and creatively, and to give participants the foundation for understanding specialized applications through self-study with confidence when needed.

Course Description

Econometrics ISL355E introduces you the regression methods for analyzing data in economics. This course emphasizes both the theoretical and the practical aspects of statistical analysis, focusing on techniques for estimating econometric models of various kinds and for conducting tests of hypotheses of interest to economists. The goal is to help you develop a solid theoretical background in introductory level econometrics, the ability to implement the techniques and to critique empirical studies in economics.

Course Coordinator
Kemal Burç Ülengin
Kemal Burç Ülengin
Course Language
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