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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mühendislik Etiği
English Engineering Ethics
Course Code
ISL 114E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
1 1 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Özlem Aracı
Zeynep Erden Bayazıt
Course Objectives 1. To inform of ethical responsibilities in professional life as engineers
2. To inform of possible conflicts in professional life.
Course Description Ethical values, theories of ethics, evaluation of the conformity of ethical decisions to societal norms, engineering as profession, ethical problems specific to engineering profession, case studies
Course Outcomes Student, who passed the course satisfactorily can:
1. Conceive logic of basic ethics theory and modify the logic to the various
engineering problems.
2. Decide under unethical circumstances through various constraints.
3. Solve problems through efficient communication and coordination
4. Conceive the content of general engineering, especially, management
engineering professions.
Required Facilities
Textbook Martin, M. and Schinzinger, R. (2009) Introduction to Engineering Ethics , 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0072483113
Other References Harris, C.E., Pritchard, M.S., Rabins, M. J. (2008) Engineering Ethics. 4th ed. Thompson-Wadsworth, ISBN:0495502790.
Velasquez, M. (2005) Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases. 6th ed. Prentice Hall ISBN: 0131930079.
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