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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Global Change
English Global Change
Course Code
ECO 311 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Salahattin İncecik
Course Objectives Understand the Bing Bang and Fundamental Laws,
Understand the Solar System
Understand the Evaluation of the Ocean and Atmosphere
Understand the Origin of Life
Understand the ecosystems
Course Description The Global Change course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the principles of climate, ecosystems, and biogeochemistry needed to understand human impacts on the natural environment.
Course Outcomes provide the interdisciplinary scientific principles of global change that are important for policy and assessments, including exposure to the primary scientific literature and scientific presentations
understanding of basic global change principles in physical climate, biogeochemical cycles, and global change impacts,
to assess a global change-related topic or policy in the context of multiple disciplines.
Required Facilities
Textbook Climate change :The science of global warming and our energy future by A.Methez (amazon)
Life in the universe (1994) S.Wienberg, Scientific American Oct 43-49
Other References Global Climate Change-A.J.Bloom
Global Change:Impacts on water and food security, 2010 Springer C.Ringler, A.K.Biswas, S.Cline
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