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ISL 433 - Labour Law

Course Objectives

The labour law examines the legal framework of the human resources management in a business. The employment contract forms the main part of the relationship between the employee and the employer. In order to achieve an efficient and sufficient management practice, the labour law issues reveal a big importance. Moreover; should you work in private sector (employee or employer), the fundamentals of labour law are vital for everyone.

Course Description

The historical development, main features, sources and basic concepts of the employment law are subject to the courses, whereby the related terms shall be listed as follows: The employee; the employer; the apprentice; the trainee; the subcontractor; the employer’s representative; the workplace and the enterprise; the contract of employment: the fixed term contract, the contract for indefinite period, part time/full time contracts; temporary work relations; the duties arising from the contract of employment: the employee’s duty to work as well as the obligation to obey the orders of the employer, the duty of loyalty, the employer’s duty to pay wage(s), the duty to take the measures related to health and safety, the employer’s duty to treat the employees equally; the termination of the employment contract, the job security, the severance pay, the organization of work, the working time, the overtime work and breaks, the weekly rest day, the annual paid vacation and the employer’s rights and liabilities of the occupational safety.

Course Coordinator
Gizem Sarıbay Öztürk
Course Language
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