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MEK 205E - Engineering Mechanics

Course Objectives


Course Description

Fundamental concepts of Statics, force vectors, position vectors. Component and resultant calculation.Moment of a force and a couple. Reduction of a force and couple system. Equivalent system calculation.
Geometric Properties. Centroid calculation. Pappus-Guldinus theorems. Distributed loading. Moments of Inertia for areas.Types of connections. Support reactions. Free body diagram. Equilibrium of a Rigid body in plane and in space. Frames and machines. Trusses. Method of joints. Method of sections. Friction.Fundamental principles of Dynamics. Kinematics of particles: Linear and plane motions.Kinematics of particles: General motions. Relative motion.Kinetics of particles: work- energy, impuls and momentum principles.Kinetics of particles: vibration.Kinetics of rigid body: work and energy, impuls and momentum.Kinetics of rigid body: vibration.

Course Coordinator
Hale Ergün
Course Language
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