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ISL 458 - Intellectual Property Rights

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to teach the legal means for protecting the fruits of the creative mind such as technical solutions for technical problems, designs, aesthetic creations etc.

Course Description

Intellectual property in general, Types of intellectual property: Patents, Trade secrets, Copyrights, Trade marks, designs etc. The enforcement of intellectual property rights, Civil actions and criminal proceedings, Remedies in civil actions, Preliminary injunctions. Patents, patent system, objectives of the system, Obtaining a patent, content of a patent. Conditions of patentability, Patentable subject matter, novelty, inventive step, industrial application, clear and complete disclosure. Exploitation of patent rights by licensing agreements. Trade secrets, requirements of liability, Trade secret – Patent protection choice, remedies. Copyright, the substance of protection “the work”, exclusive rights and moral rights of the copyright holder, copyright infringement, fair use. Trademarks, Trademark system, The process of registration, Conditions for securing registration: Absolute grounds, relative grounds. Trademark infringement. Design right, Design protection system, Requirements for design registration, Protection of unregistered designs.

Course Coordinator
Özgür Öztürk
Course Language
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