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ECN 303E - Development Economics

Course Objectives

At the end of the semester, students will be able to:
1. Understand general development objectives and issues in an historical, critical and multidisciplinary perspective.
2. Engage with economic concepts, models and key references related to development and poverty, and be able to use them to:
3. Analyze development policies in terms of targets, implementation, and impact, using economic thinking and tools informed by empirical evidence in a context-sensitive manner.
4. Write and present in English.

Course Description

Why are some parts of the world prosperous economically while in other areas, people struggle to access health, education and adequate nutrition? Why do so many households remain in poverty, and how do development policies attempt to ameliorate their situation? Issues related to development have been central to economic thought since its origins, and studying development today is crucial for understanding our world and addressing several global problems. The structure of the course corresponds to its three core learning objectives. The first part introduces the question of development and its goals, in an historical and multidisciplinary perspective. The second part provides an analytic framework in terms of economic concepts and tools that are key for understanding development and poverty issues. Informed by empirical evidence, the third part takes a look at actual development policies and interventions designed for improving standards of living in developing countries. The general objective of the class is to help student understand development issues and processes, develop their analytical thinking, and improve their writing and presentation skills (see “main objectives”).

Course Coordinator
Quentin Xavier Marin Stoeffler
Course Language
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