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ECN 492E - Graduation Project

Course Objectives

1. To determine an economically relevant problem in the sector of specialization
2. To acquire the data necessary to analyze the problem of interest
3. To apply economic theory to real world problems and to use economic theory to frame analysis of research questions.
4. To understand how statistical analysis can be used to test economic theory and address policy issues.
5. To prepare a report of the findings and to present the results to the committee members

Course Description

This course requires students propose and analyze an economic problem related to the students’ chosen sectors. The problem should either relate to a policy issue or a business issue that is important to the sector. Students should apply the skills they developed in previous courses to analyze their proposed problems; formulating a theoretical model, finding appropriate data for econometric analysis, and analyzing the problem using an appropriate econometric models. Students will convey their results in a report and a presentation. Through the process, students will learn the process involved in conducting economic research.

Course Coordinator
Fuat Erdal
Course Language
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