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GUV 231E - Ship Construction

Course Objectives

1. To know the types of ship and parts of ship according STCW-95
2. To know the basic ship principles according STCW-95

Course Description

Ship Classification: According to propulsion, materials, using aim, working area, principals of working.
Ship Types: Container, Ro-Ro, LASH, SEABEE, OBO, Tanker, General Cargo, Bulk carrier, Passenger.
Ship geometry and from coefficients, lines, tonnages, freeboards.
Ship Constructions: Keel, Single and Double Bottom, Floors, Frames, Hull Shell, Side
Stringers, Decks, Transverse, Bulkheads, Pillars, Sea Chest, Engine Room, Holds. Ship Fore and Aft forms, Propulsion Systems Propellers, Blades. Ship Resistance. Outfitting. Draught Marks, safety Construction Certificate, Classifications Societies

Course Coordinator
Sevilay Can
Sevilay Can
Course Language
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