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DUI 385 - Environmental Management for Ship Operations

Course Objectives

1. To teach ecological structure of the marine environment and marine pollution.
2. To acknowledge students about concepts of environmental policies and politics
3. To teach the structural and operating characteristics of the ship parts which are caused the marine and environment pollutions.
4. To teach the methods which are used to monitoring and to remove ship-based marine pollutions.

Course Description

Marine Enviroment Ecological Structure, Marine Pollution, Marine and Enviroment pollution from ship, International & National Agreements and Conventions Against Ship-based Pollution, ship sourced oil pollution and liability regime, ship recycling, waste management, Methods for detection and information of enviromental pollution, preventing monitoring and controlling. Emergency preparedness/contingency planning, Oil Spill Simulation. Introduction to six areas essential to a comprehensive understanding of environmental policy: concept of environmental policy; tools (law, economics, planning, science, engineering, ethics) for environmental policy

Course Coordinator
Tanzer Satır
Course Language
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