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MST 301 - Teknik Deniz İşletmeciliği

Course Objectives

1. To teach basics of technical and commercial ship management,
2. To teach planned maintenance,
3. To teach process of repair and maintenance,
4. To prepare ship to the audits,
5. To make planning of voyage planning, bunkering, stores acquisition and supply.

Course Description

Basics of technical and commercial ship management concept, shipping market, charter party, types of charter and agreement, agency and type of agents. Repair and maintenance. Dry docking. Compliance audits. Ship operating costs. Voyage planning. Rules, regulations and preparation of ship. Ship documents and follow up. Crew, training, security, safety and supply management under technical management. Supply planning, keeping record of supply and supervision of provision and demand.

Course Coordinator
Fırat Bolat
Course Language
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