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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Denizcilik Gelenekleri
English Maritime Traditions
Course Code
DFH 184 Credit Lecture
Semester 2
2 1 2 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Özcan Arslan
Course Objectives 1. To define the duties and responsibilities of the maritime transportation management engineer.
2. To give fundamental knowledge on maritime transportation engineering.
3. To give fundamental knowledge for maritime transportation management engineering design subjects.
4. To teach the importance of individual freedom universal dimensions of ethic.
5. To teach maritime ethical principles, and values.
Course Description Duties, responsibilities and authority of the maritime transportation management engineer. Introduction to transportation modules. Fundamentals and development of maritime transportation. Cargo transportation and modules at sea. Introduction to shipping. The philosophical foundations of ethic. Engineering and society-human relationship. Maritime culture. Ethical and social responsibilities of maritime transportation management engineers.
Course Outcomes I. Learn the duties and responsibilities of the maritime transportation management engineer.
II. Learn fundamental knowledge on maritime transportation.
III. Learn general concept of cargo transportation and shipping management.
IV. Comprehend of professional and ethical responsibilities.
V. Learn maritime culture and custom.
Required Facilities
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