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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 General and operational principles of Radar
2 Radar systems, main units of Radar and their functioning
3 Types of Radar displays. Radar symbols and controls.
4 Radar plotting and exercises.
5 General and operational principles of ARPA. ARPA symbols and controls.
6 Usage of Radar and ARPA in the navigation, factors to make limitations on their usages.
7 Electronic charts, specifications of electronic navigation charts. Units and operational functions of ECDIS.
8 ECDIS database. Overlay function to Radar-ARPA, together usages.
9 ECDIS voyage planning.
10 Automatic Identification System (AIS); working principles, components. AIS Dynamic and static information. Long-range identification and tracking system (LRIT). Regulations and applications.
11 Voyage Data Recorder; operational principles, recorded data and their usages.
12 Integrated bridge and navigation systems.
13 IMO performance standards for electronic navigation equipment on the bridge.
14 E-navigation applications.
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