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MRT 313 - Electronic Navigation

Course Objectives

1. To get knowledge about the electronic equipment to use in navigation,
2. To teach the fundamental principles of those equipment,
3. To teach and get ability fundamental principles of ECDIS, limitations and obtaining efficient usage,
4. To teach Integrated Bridge and Navigation Systems,
5. To teach effective usage of those equipment for safe navigation.

Course Description

The Gyro Compass; Steering control system, Auto-Pilot, Echo-Sounders. Speed logs and Doppler. Global Positioning System (GPS); Hyperbolic Navigation System. Electronic charts and ECDIS (introduction to different type of ECDIS). Automatic Identification System (AIS). Long-range identification and tracking system (LRIT). Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). IMO performance standards. Integrated Bridge Systems. E-navigation applications.

Course Coordinator
Serdar Kum
Course Language
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