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DFH 494E - Intercult.Comm.in Marit.Domain

Course Objectives

. Understanding impact of multi-lingual and multi-national environment on communication at sea.
2. Raising awareness for seafarers’ maritime culture in professional and social life at sea.
3. Providing efficient usage of intercultural communication knowledge at operational and management level shipping operations on different type of vessels.
4. Acquiring intercultural communication skills for shipping management.

Course Description

Culture, Seafarers’ Maritime Culture and Communication. “Lingua Franca” concept. English Language as Maritime Communication tool. Multi-lingual and Multi-national working environment at external and on-board communication. Communication breakdowns in shipping operations. Port and terminal operation communication. Communication between passengers and crew on board passenger vessels. Use of signs in intercultural communication at sea. Intercultural Communication for Shipping management. Intercultural communication in social environment at sea. Emergencies and crisis communication at sea.

Course Coordinator
Seda Çınar Alabay
Course Language
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