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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish ileri seyir
English Advance Navigation
Course Code
MRT 409 Credit Lecture
Semester 1
2 3 2 1
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ali Ordukaya
Course Objectives ILOTING is the first of a two-part program of study of inland and coastal navigation.
Focus is on the fundamentals of basic piloting -- keeping track of your movements
on the water, determining where you are at any given moment, and laying out a course
to your planned destination. Included are a thorough study of charts and their use,
aids to navigation, mariner's compass, variation and deviation, bearings, dead reckoning,
and developing skill at plotting and labeling.
This is the second part of the study of offshore navigation. It further develops the
student's understanding of celestial navigation theory, essential to shortcut emergency
methods. The student is introduced to additional sight reduction techniques and develops
greater skill and precision in sight taking, positioning, and the orderly methods of
carrying on the day's work of a navigator at sea. Of particular interest and importance
is the study of offshore navigation using minimal data and/or equipment, such as when
on a disabled vessel or lifeboat.
Course Description Use, Installation and Correction of Electronic Charts
Validity of Sensor Data (including radar overlay)
Magnetic Compass
Gyro Compass
Potential Errors of Interpretation
Adaptive Auto Pilots
Integrated Bridge Systems
Selecting Operation Settings and Alarms for Route Monitoring
Navigational Calculations
Great Circle and Mercator Sailing
Tidal Calculations
Route Planning and Scheduling
Ocean Routing
Voyage Planning
Accessing Ship’s Log and Data Playback Functions
ARPA, AIS and Trial Maneuver Functions
What You Should Bring

Scientific Calculator
All practical navigation equipment.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
Other References
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