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GUV 222E - Ship Handling and Manoeuvring

Course Objectives

1.To give to students necessary knowledge of ship manoeuvring and handling,
2 To give to students necessary knowledge of.manoeuvring characteristics of ships
in accordance with the STCW 78 (as amended) and national legislation for seafarers, for being unlimited deck officer, chief mate and master.

Course Description

Water and air resistance on ship handling, Propulsion, Steering, Turning circles and stopping distances, Effect of wind and current on ship handling, Squat, shallow water and similar effects, Proper procedures for anchoring and mooring, Approaching a pilot vessel, Ship handling in restricted waters, Manoeuvring in shallow water, Interaction: bank, canal, ship and tug, Berthing and unberthing, Dry-docking, Ship handling in heavy weather and in ice.

Course Coordinator
Ali Cömert
Course Language
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