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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yük İşlml. ve Gm. Stabiltsi I
English CargoHandling&Ship Stability I
Course Code
GUV 311E Credit Lecture
Semester 5
4 3 1 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Sevilay Can
Course Objectives 1. To know ship stability principles for deck officers according STCW-95
2. To know cargo handling equipment for deck officers according STCW-95
3. To know cargo operation and stowage for deck officers according STCW-95
Course Description Ship geometry, Form coefficients, Stability for floating objects, Law of Floating, Law of Stability, Initial Stability (GM), Statical Stability Curve, IMO/SOLAS stability criteria, Cross curves, Statical moment, Vertical changing of the weights which are already on board, Horizontally changing of the weights which are already on board, To load-discharge weights on the ship, Transverse statical Stability Hell-List, Longitudinal Stability-Trim, Hydrostatic curves,
Type of cargo vessels, Holds of dry cargo vessels, inspections and preparing holds securing cargos, Cargo handling equipment: booms, winches, hatch cowers, Preparing and watch keeping
For load/unload, Grain bulk cargoes, Container, Securing cargoes.
Course Outcomes 1.To know ship geometry
2.To know the basic floating and stability rules
3.To know the impact on the ship stability for weight movements
4.To know the transverse and Longitudinal Ship Stability
5.To know the Cargo handling equipments
6. To know how to make cargo secure operations and stowage on board
Required Facilities
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