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MST 422 - Maritime Law II

Course Objectives

1. To teach Maritime Private Law,
2. To teach Maritime Law and its concepts,
3. To gain enough knowledge and practice in order to defend and protect related legal rights and
interests and to avoid and overcome probable legal disputes resulted from ship and maritince

Course Description

Introduction to Maritime Priate Law.
Tort and contractual liability. Introduction to Maritime Law.
Ship, registration, flag, seaworthiness.
Master, seafarers. Duties, authorities and responsibilities of Master. Shipowner, disponent owner, rights and responsiblities of shipowner.
Shipping contracts.
Maritime casualties, collision, salvage, general average.
Maritime and contractual liens.
Civil liability and compensation for çivil claims resulted from marine pollution. Marine insurance, hull and machinery insurance, club insurance.

Course Coordinator
Onur Sabri Durak
Course Language
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