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MAK 4049 - Control Elements and Applications

Course Objectives

Teaching behavior and the basic characteristics of the Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
The ability to distinguish Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems and ability
to create mathematical
models of Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
To inform Hydraulic and pneumatic control applications

Course Description

Equations of motion and characteristics of hydraulic systems and circuit elements. Relief Valve,
Accumulator and Unloading Valve, Differential pressure regulating valve, Reducing
Valve. Three
and Four
way Valve Amplifiers. Pneumatic systems: Power units, flapper
nozzle amplifiers, two
pneumatic amplifiers. Pneumatic P, P+D, P+I, P+I+D circuits. Pneumatic controllers.

Course Coordinator
Kenan Refah Kutlu
Course Language
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