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MAK 4043 - Fire Dynamics and Safety

Course Objectives

1. To introduce Fire Protection Engineering, to provide information about the chemical and physical
events occurring in a fire and the progress of the fire.
2. To inform the students about fire dynamics and employ the formulation of analytical relations to
define the energy released in fires and gas movements,
3. To provide a good command on the types of active fire extinguishing systems and design principles,
to yield the ability for calculations and design of the systems.
4. To inform about fire protection systems to ensure life safety and prevent the spreading of fire.

Course Description

Course Description:Fire protection engineering. Regulations and codes.Concepts of combustion and fire. Fire types and their
progress. Fire load.Fire extinguishing effects and extinguisher materials. Structural fire safety.
Flammability classes of materials. Properties of smoke. Smoke control methods. Stairwell pressurization.
Standpipe and hose systems. Private hydrant system. Automatic sprinkler systems. Fire pumps and
pressure zoning. Foam extinguishing systems. Gas extinguishing system

Course Coordinator
Mesut Gür
Course Language
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