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MAK 4005E - Mechanical Modeling in Nanoscale Systems

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the students will learn about:
1. The principles of nanotechnology and nanosystems.
2. The mechanics and behavior of the materials in nano scale.
3. The interatomic interaction models in nano scale.
4. The computational methods in nano scale mechanics.
5. The analysis of nanomaterials through molecular dynamics simulations.

Course Description

Nanomechanics is the branch of mechanics investigating the mechanical behavior of nano-scale systems theoretically and experimentally. In this course, the methods used to examine the mechanical properties of systems in atomic scale and the fundamental principles on which these methods are based is introduced. A special emphasis is given on the examination of the mechanical properties of metalik, polymeric and carbon-based nanomaterials by employing molecular dynamics simulations.

Course Coordinator
Mesut Kırca
Mesut Kırca
Course Language
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