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AKM 204E - Fluid Mechanics

Course Objectives

1.To give the definition of fluids and unit systems,

2.To give the principles of hydrostatic and calculation of pressure forces,

3.To evaluate the basic equations for ideal and real fluids in the case of one,two and three
dimensional flows.( continuity, energy and impuls-momentum equations.) and their applications.
4.To examine the rotational and irrotational flows.
5.To give the boundary layer,dimensional analyses and similitude concepts.

Course Description

Introduction.Unit systems.Hydrostatic.Pressure at a point.Calculation of pressure forces.Kinematics of fluids.Basic equations of one dimensional flow (continuity, energy and impuls-momentumequations).One dimensional flow of ideal fluids.One dimensional flow of real fluids.Two and threedimensional flow of ideal fluids.Potential ( irrotational ) flows.Two and three dimensional flows of real fluids.Boundary layer.Dimensional Analyses and Simililitude.

Course Coordinator
Abdüsselam Altunkaynak
Course Language
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