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IML 402 - Manufacturing Laboratory II

Course Objectives

1. To give the manufacturing engineering students theoretical and practical lab experience
2. To introduce the students well known computer software used for manufacturing process simulation and design
3. To provide the students with the knowledge and skills of design and application of manufacturing process simulations
4. To provide the students with the experience of teamwork and oral and written presentations

Course Description

Computer simulation activities will be performed on manufacturing processes (such as bulkforming, sheet metal forming and machining etc.) that require intensive die-moldinvestment and usage of simulation techniques in the industry. The forming process
simulations conducted by the students will be compared with experimental results (ifavailable) and their evaluations will be summarized in lab reports. The significance ofcomputer aided engineering methods process and die design will be demonstrated withdesign projects and CNC machining practice in the machine shop.

Course Coordinator
Canan Gamze Güleryüz Parasız
Turgut Gülmez
Course Language
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