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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mukavemet II
English Strength of Materials
Course Code
MUK 202 Credit Lecture
Semester 4
4 3 2 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Abdul Hayır
Course Objectives 1- Give basic information on plastic analysis, introduce fracture hypotheses
2- Teach the subject bending with shear
3- Teach the concepts of deflection and deformation of beams and shafts
4- Let students gain the ability to design beams in combined strength cases
5- Let students comprehend energy methods and apply them to structural analysis
6- Teach the principle of stability and how to apply it to one dimensional systems.
Course Description Plasticity, theories of failure, bending with shear, elastic curve, eccentric axial loading, combined loading cases, energy principles, elastic stability
Course Outcomes Students completing this course will have knowledge on
1. Plastic behavior 2. Bending with shear
3. Elastic curve 4. Eccentric normal load
5. Combined loading cases
6. Energy principles
7. Elastic stability
Required Facilities
Other References
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