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MAK 4033E - Gas Dynamics

Course Objectives

To understand;
• fundamentals of subsonic and supersonic ideal compressible fluid flows,
• isentropic flows in Laval and other nozzles,
• normal and reflected shock waves,
• frictional and adiabatic compressible flows in long, and short and insulated pipes,
• principles of two-dimensional supersonic flows.

Course Description

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Steady One-dimensional Compressible Flow. Normal Shocks. Fanno ve Rayleigh Lines, Rankine-Hugoniot Relation. Converging-Diverging Nozzle Flows. Adiabatic Flow with Friction in Constant-area Ducts. Isothermal Flow in Long Ducts. Flow through Ducts with Heat Transfer. Oblique Shocks. Mach Waves. Prandtl-Meyer Function and Combination of Shock Waves.

Course Coordinator
İlyas Bedii Özdemir
İlyas Bedii Özdemir
Course Language
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