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IML 324E - Comp.Aided Manufacturing Eng.

Course Objectives

This course is an introduction to the rapidly growing fields of CAD/CAM systems and aims to
develop an understanding of CAD/CAM related problems. The course has four main objectives:
1. Understand the fundamental and advanced concepts in computer graphics and computeraided design
2. Understand the basics of NC-machine tools, and manual and computerized part
3. To introduce the computer integrated manufacturing technologies used in both the product
development and realization processes
4. Learn what is process planning and how to integrate CAD with CAM.

Course Description

Introduction to CAD, CAM and Computer Graphical Systems, Geometrical Modeling and
Databases, Curves, Wire Frame Modeling, Surface and Solid Modeling, Group technology and
process planning, Numerical Control Systems and machine tools, Manual part programming:
ISO Language, Computerized part programming: APT language and CAM systems, CAD-CAMCNC Systems Integration, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Industrial Robotics, AGV’s
and AS/RS. Group technology and cellular manufacturing systems, Flexible manufacturing
systems and Just-in-time manufacturing systems, Internet Enabled Manufacturing, Virtual
Manufacturing, and e-maintenance.

Course Coordinator
Erkan Günpınar
Course Language
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