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DNK 205 - Dynamics

Course Objectives

1.To teach the basic principles of particle and rigid body kinematics and
2.To give the ability to form dynamics related mathematical models of
engineering mechanisms and machines.
3.To give the abilities of calculating the motion that results due to applied
forces and moments and calculating the forces and moments that are necessary
to result in prescribed motion characteristics.

Course Description

Kinematics of particles; velocity and acceleration in rectangular, cylindrical,
spherical and normal and tangential coordinates. Rectilinear motion. Relative
motion. Kinetics of particles; Newtons law of motion. Equation of motion.
Work. Impulse. Momentum. Principle of work and energy, principle of impulse and
momentum. Angular momentum, angular impulse and momentum principle.
Kinetics of systems of particles. Planar kinematics of rigid bodies, instantaneous
center of rotation. Planar kinetics of rigid bodies. Three dimensional kinematics of
rigid bodies. Three dimensional kinetics of rigid bodies.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Öksüzoğlu
Course Language
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