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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mühendislik Etiği
English Engineering Ethics
Course Code
ETK 101 Credit Lecture
Semester 1
1 1 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator
Course Objectives 1) To teach the students, the importance of responsibility of the tasks they will undertake during their working life after graduation
2) As educated part of the society, to direct students to reflect their citizenship awareness to their working habits.
3) To educate graduates who have acquired knowladge to solve the ethical problems encountered in technological and scietific developments.
Course Description Philosophical and ethical concepts, General moral principles, Human rights,Basic concepts of moral philosophy, Ethical theories, Historical development of engineering ethics, Engineering ethics codes, Ethics in design engineering, Choices and ethics in engineering profession, engineering ethics principles. Ethics in the field of engineering, Corporate ethics, management ethics, ethics and globalization, honesty and responsibility in engineering, product liability,Informed consent in engineering , Ethical approach to the solution of conflicts, Compromise, Negotiation strategies, Engineering and environment.
Course Outcomes 1) Will have a professional understanding
2) Will have prudent decision-making skills through the use of technical and social dimensions.
3) Will gain objective thinking ability .
4) Will be sensitive to the solution of the problems at global and national levels.
5) Will use technical infrastructure in a way that the society can be directed and can be adapted to the service of contemporary society.
6) Will gain the ability of discussing job-related issues and will gain multi-faceted thinking skills.
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