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MAK 366E - Applied Thermodynamics

Course Objectives

A brief review of power cycles. Gas mixtures. Dalton and Amagat’s laws. Air-water vapor mixture. Psychrometry, Adiabatic saturation. Evaporative cooling. Natural and forced convection cooling towers. Reactive gas mixtures. Theoretical and actual combustion. Air-fuel ratio. Enthalpy of formation. First and second law analysis of reacting systems. Adiabatic flame temperature. Standard state Gibbs function. Chemical equilibrium. Criterion for chemical equilibrium. Equilibrium constant. Equilibrium constant for ideal gases. Joule-Thompson coefficient and its relation to the cooling systems.

Course Description

Objective of this elective course is; to improve thermodynamic knowledge of students who have passed basic thermodynamic course, and, to teach the students to use their knowledge in various applied fields of thermodynamics

Course Coordinator
Mesut Gür
Course Language
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