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ETK 101 - Engineering Ethics

Course Objectives

1- Educate students for their task and responsibilities in their professional life after graduation.
2- To give the ability to apply their citizen consciousness to their working style as an educated part of the society.
3. To educate graduates who gain the knowledge to solve etchical problems which encountered in the technologial and scientific developlements.

Course Description

Philosophy and ethics, general moral principles, human rights, fundamental concepts of moral philosophy, ethical theories, history of engineering ethics, engineering ethics code, design, engineering ethics, engineering profession in the selection and ethics, engineering ethics policies. Ethics in the field of engineering, Corporate ethics, management ethics, ethics and globalization, honesty and responsibility in engineering, product liability, Informed consent in engineering, ethical approach to the solution of conflicts, Compromise, Negotiation strategies, Engineering and Environment.

Course Coordinator
Alper Tolga Çalık
Course Language
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