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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Metallerin Plastik Şekillendrl
English Metal Forming
Course Code
MAK 4032 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
- 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Şafak Yılmaz
Course Objectives Teaching the essentials of forming methods and technologies
2. Applications of mathematical models in practical metal forming precesses
3. Teaching of relationship between material properties and forming
4. Teaching the selection or design of optimum machine tool and die for manufacturing of a Component
Course Description Fundamentals of elasticity and plasticity, flow behavior of materials, formability of metals. Analysis of forming processes, bulk forming methods, roll forming, wire and bar drawing, extrusion, open and closed die forging processes. Sheet metal forming methods, cutting, bending, stretching processes. Finite element analysis and simulations of metal forming.
Course Outcomes 1. Fundamentals of elasticity and plasticity, elasto-plastic behavior of materials, effects of material-dieinterface, knowledge about basic calculation methods for force, power, energy etc. required in forming
2. Knowledge about hot and cold forging, extrusion, rolling, drawing and sheet metal formingtechnologies.
3. Students have the knowledge about metal forming die and tools
4. Students have the knowledge about the relationship between materials and forming systems
5. Students have the knowledge about selection or design of optimum machine tool and die formanufacturing of given component.
6. Students will be able to compare the alternative methods to produce economically the given components
Required Facilities
Other Min 40/10 from midterm exam
Other References
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