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MAK 4031 - Mass Transfer

Course Objectives

1. Teaching students how to model thermal transport processes in typical engineering systems.
2. Understanding and using analogy between heat and mass transfer..
3. Providing the students with basic skills in using analytical tools for solving heat and mass
transfer problems.
4. Using knowledge of basic heat and mass transfer for air-conditioning and drying processes.

Course Description

Unsteady heat conduction in one or more dimensions; steady conduction in multidimensional
configurations, numerical simulation of conduction. Laminar and turbulent boundary layers;
natural convection in internal and external configurations. Heat transfer during condensation and
boiling. Thermal radiation: black bodies, gray radiation networks, spectral and solar radiation.
Enhancement of heat transfer. Fundamentals of mass transfer; heat and mass transfer analogy;
psychrometric processes. Drying Processes.

Course Coordinator
İsmail Yalçın Uralcan
Course Language
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