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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Petrol Akışkan Özellikleri
English Petroleum Fluid Properties
Course Code
PET 211E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Şenol Yamanlar
Course Objectives 1. Provide information on formation and chemistry of petroleum and natural gas,
2. Inform students with basic hydrocarbon phase behavior and hydrocarbon reservoir fluids,
3. Explain real and ideal models used to model gas-liquid equilibria,
4. Explain five different reservoir fluids to the student in detail,
5. Demonstrate experimental and correlative methods to determine hydrocarbon fluid properties.
Course Description Fluid Properties are a base course for third year Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering students. This course offers a through knowledge of properties of petroleum and natural gas. The course starts with origin, habitat and elements of petroleum and natural gas and basic hydrocarbon chemistry. Fundamental phase behavior of hydrocarbons, laws for ideal and real gases and liquids are introduced. Vapor-Liquid equilibria (VLE) is explained and ideal and real models are discussed. Phase behavior and physical properties of five reservoir fluids is examined in detail. Both correlative and experimental methods to determine the physical properties are introduced.
Course Outcomes At the end of the class students will be equipped with knowledge of
1. Origin,formation and chemistry of petroleum and natural gas
2. General phase behavior of hydrocarbon systems
3. Ideal solutions and use of Dalton-Raoult laws to model ideal gas-liquid mixtures
4. Equations of state for real gases
5. Classification of reservoir fluids, and phase behavior charasteristics of each fluid type
6. Properties of dry gases
7. Properties of oils
8. Experimental and correlative methods to determine hydrocarbon fluid properties.
Required Facilities
Textbook McCain, W.D.Jr., The Properties of Petroleum Fluids, Second Edition PennWell Publishing Company, Second Edition, 1990, Tulsa, Oklahoma, ISBN 0-878-14-335-1
Other References 1. Ahmed, T., Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior, Gulf Publishing Company, 1989, Houston.
2. Pedersen, K.S., Fredenslund, A., and Thomassen, P. Properties of Oils and Natural Gases, Gulf Publishing Company, 1989, Houston.
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