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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Sismik Yorumlama
English Seismc Interpretation
Course Code
JEF 438 Credit Lecture
Semester 8
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hülya Kurt
Course Objectives 1. Structural and stratigraphic interpretations of the earth by means of seismic data.
2. Knowledge on the exploration for natural resources in land and marine environment
Course Description In this course, the seismic reflection sections are interpreted and the structural features such as fault, fold and stratigraphic and unconformity surfaces are determined and mapped. Moreover, it is aimed to interpret the seismic anomalies that determine the presence of oil and natural gas by using the amplitude information in the pre and post-seismic data.
Course Outcomes 1. Understand the meaning of the multi-channel seismic reflection stack and migrated sections
2. State the random and systematic noise (multiples) on the seismic sections
3. Identify the structural features on the seismic sections like faulting, folding, landslides, and
4. Interpret seismic stratigraphic boundaries, angular unconformities, sea level changes
5. Reveal hydrocarbon accumulations from seismic sections
6. Understand seismic modelling and synthetic seismograms
Pre-requisite(s) JEF 334E Seismic Prospecting
Required Facilities Quizzes and short exercises (seismic section interpretations) in the lecture
hours will be performed to understand the subjects of the lecture better. The
number of these sort of activities can be customized.
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