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PET 458E - Pipe-Line Design

Course Objectives

1. Having students grab the elements, design, construction, and operation principles of pipelines.
2. Providing the engineering methods, calculations, and standards for mechanical and hydraulic design, testing and evaluation of pipelines transmitting especially hydrocarbon fluids.
3. Furnishing the student with apprehension and technical knowledge for solving the problems arise in design, construction, operation, and environmental threats upon failure of pipelines.

Course Description

Elements of pipeline design. Route selection. Pipeline transmission of natural gas and liquids. Gas compressors, coolers, and liquid pumps. Hydraulics and transient flow behavior in liquid and gas pipelines. Pipeline mechanical design, materials selection and standards. Construction, commissioning, protection, and operation. Potential threats to pipeline integrity

Course Coordinator
Emine Didem Korkmaz Başel
Course Language
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