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MAD 252E - Mining and Environment

Course Objectives

1. Environmental effects of mining exploration and production
2. Environmental considerations during mine planning stages
3. Environmental Laws and Environmental Impact Assessment for Mining Activities
4. Water management and waste management in mining
5. Mine rehabilitation and mine closure
6. The environmental effects of mineral processing and coal processing operations

Course Description

Environmental effects of mining activities, The terms used in mine planning and environment, Prevention of dust and noise exposures, Water management, Waste management, Mine subsidence, Coal mining and environment, Acid mine drainage, Mine closure and reclamation, Environmental laws, Environmental impact assessment for mining activities, Numerical calculations for environmental impact, Description and classification of ore dressing tailings, Environmental effect of mineral processing facilities, Site rehabilitation of ore dressing plants

Course Coordinator
Türker Hüdaverdi
Türker Hüdaverdi
Course Language
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