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CHZ 224E - Surface and Colloid Chemistry

Course Objectives

1. To explain the significance of surface and colloid chemistry in flotation which is one of the important processes and intensively used in mineral processing,
2. To detail solution chemistry, electrokinetics of mineral particles, colloidal behavior of particles in aqueous solution, and more importantly surface active properties of reagents used in flotation and their governing mechanisms,
3. In addition to flotation, to elaborate on particle-particle and bubble-particle interactions and the underlying mechanisms in order to explain dewatering which is an important process in mineral processing and also its subprocesses, coagulation and flocculation.

Course Description

History and definitions and classification of colloidal systems, interfacial phenomena at L/G, L/L, S/G
interfaces, surface tension, spreading and wetting, Adsorption from solution at the S/L interface: nonelectrolytes and electrolytes, electrokinetic phenomena, colloid stability and DLVO theory, surfactant
systems: micellization, polymers and biological colloids, Dispersions, aerosols, foams, and emulsions.

Course Coordinator
Ayhan Ali Sirkeci
Course Language
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