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PET 316E - Geothermal Engineering

Course Objectives

Turkey has rich geothermal resources. Therefore, the main objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the concepts, equations, assessment methods and tools used for geothermal engineering. Moreover, develop skills and ability of students to design methods for measuring resource capacity and assess geothermal resources technically and economically.

Course Description

Energy sources briefly and geothermal energy.
Geothermal energy in Turkey and in the world with statistics.
Thermodynamics of geothermal fluids.
Geothermal resources.
Utilization of geothermal energy: direct uses and power generation.
Recovery of geothermal energy.
Measurements of geothermal flow rate.
Exploration and development of geothermal systems.
Well bore temperatures and heat losses.
Modeling of geothermal reservoirs.

Course Coordinator
Emine Didem Korkmaz Başel
Course Language
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