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JEF 344 - Geophysical Measurements

Course Objectives

Preliminary studies related to the solutions of different prospecting and
geological problems; arrangements of the measuring equipments;
measurements and stages; selection of measurement points and direction,
their effect on the results; to carry out electrical, electromagnetic, gravity,
magnetic, seismic, self potential measurements in field; preperation of
graphics and maps of the obtained data; data processing techniques;
evaluation and interpretation stages; writing and presentation of the report. In
addition to the measurements at weekends, a ten day compulsory field camp
is included in the course to teach practical field life.

Course Description

1.proficiency in geophysical and geological sciences topics that emphasize on understanding of the solid earth and
related physical processes.
2.ability to use modern geophysical instruments and computer facilities to collect, process and interpret
geophysical data for the solution of geophysical problems by combining information from the relevant
3.ability to apply the principles of geophysics to the solutions of engineering problems of rock and soil mechanics,
natural hazard (earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, land slides), exploration of natural resources, hydrogeology,
environment and archeo
4.knowledge on the exploration for natural resources and industrial raw materials on land and marine environment.
5.communication skills with the professionals by means of oral and written presentations of individual and/or team
projects achieved by taking care of the impact of the solutions on the society, considering ethical responsibility and
life-long learni

Course Coordinator
Halit Tuğrul Genç
Course Language
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