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CHZ 433E - Boron Processing and Applic.

Course Objectives

1. Since Turkey owns 72 % of world boron reserves and is also the largest producer of boron compounds, it is appropriate to introduce the definition of boron minerals, boron mining, boron processing methods, and refined boron production technologies to mineral processing undergraduates,
2. Students will be informed of utilization of boron direct or indirect means in industrial applications and advanced technologies, evaluation of boron wastes and its environmental impact.

Course Description

Description of boron minerals and deposits, Boron deposits in Turkey and in the world, Boron mining, Conventional and new boron beneficiation techniques, Examples on boron beneficiation plants, Storage and utilization of boron wastes, Boron products and their technological applications, Boron trade and policy, Strategies for producing advanced boron products, Future boron politics of Turkey.
Three sets of laboratory experiments will be conducted by the student in the presence of a research assistant. Also a technical trip will be organized to educate the students on boron processing plants in Turkey.

Course Coordinator
Gülay Bulut
Course Language
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