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MAD 311E - Geophysics

Course Objectives

The definition, importance and necessity of geophysics,
Understanding of the interior of the earth and its physical properties,
Undestanding gravity, magnetic, electric, electromagnetic and seismic methods,
Using geophysical methods for exploration of natural sources like oil, gas, and coal.

Course Description

Earth physics and interior of the earth; gravity, magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, seismic, radiometric, bathymetry, side scan sonar methods etc.; earthquake geophysics; geomagnetism and paleomagnetism; geophysical methods used in groundwater, coal, oil- natural gas, mining, industry and radioactive mineral explorations; environmental and archaeological geophysics; selected topics.

Course Coordinator
Seda Yolsal Çevikbilen
Seda Yolsal Çevikbilen
Course Language
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