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JEO 121 - Design in Earth Sciences

Course Objectives

- Give an overview of geological science topics, and identification of engineering design
- Teach students principles of geology and combining them with designing knowledge.
- Develop student’s ability to draw diagrams to understand, visualize, and solve problems in 3 and 4 dimensions

Course Description

Tools and rules of drawing and writing (line, writing and paper standards), projection systems (central and parallel), projection of objects (plan, section and view), vertical projection systems (point, line and surface, description of surface in geology), maps (topographic map and sections, geological map and sections), use of projection systems in geology (determination of strike and dip of geological planes, intersection, apparent dip angle), block diagrams, projection of cube and cylinder, computer aided design and examples, application of subjects.

Course Coordinator
Enver Vural Yavuz
Course Language
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