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JEF 428E - Readings in Geophysics

Course Objectives

The classical original research articles mainly in the field of Geophysics, but students are welcomed to bring along to class any other article they may find it attractive, and those of other relevant Earth Sciences disciplines, will be discussed. The main scope of this course is to attract the attention of potential undergraduate students to continue studying at graduate levels (M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees), and to influence them the importance of the research-oriented study. Therefore, it is aimed to form a new insight among young talents towards a science society extending the love of science on the long run.

1. to give insight into scientific research and discoveries

2. to train students how to access and evaluate scientific data and research articles.

Course Description

The dynamic elements of the Earth’s interior will be discussed and geodynamic case studies will also be thought along with theory of plate tectonics earthquake seismology observations.

Course Coordinator
Tuncay Taymaz
Tuncay Taymaz
Course Language
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