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MAD 422 - Mine Planning and Design

Course Objectives

1. determination of deposits location, calculation of reserve and overburden removal, production
(Course Objectives)
2. determination of production methods and ore body
3. selection and sizing of equipment
4. feasibility study and determination of investment profitability

Course Description

In this course, the data about mineral deposits will be given to students in groups. Each group
will model the deposit and calculate the reserve. Then the production method will be determined
and mine plans will be prepared. Production planning, equipment selection, support design,
haulage, drainage, ventilation, surface and underground facilities, plant design studies will be
(Course Description)
carried out. Students will also perform feasibility studies. At the end, a project containing all the
work will be presented verbally and in a written form.

Course Coordinator
Cengiz Kuzu
Course Language
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