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JEO 413 - AutoCAD for Geologists

Course Objectives

To represent the computer aided design objectives for programming-planning and controlling aims
in different section of geological engineering, to cause the computer utilization habitude.

Course Description

What CAD (Computer Aided Design) is and what is not. Aim and objective of computer aided design in
earth sciences, commands, database concept, description of data and information, information production,
design, production, and modeling in data earth sciences basement, analyzing in database, advanced
analyzing and interrogation process, field modeling with database, (datum input and output) calculation of
the surface curves. Interrogation of the objects’ properties, distance, area and volume calculations. Edit
operations, production of multi variable thematic maps, preparing the cross-section in any chosen
direction, drawing geological block diagrams, section of a map design, measurement dimension study,
drawing 3-D objects.

Course Coordinator
Erkan Bozkurtoğlu
Course Language
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