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PET 333E - Drilling Engineering

Course Objectives

To introduce the student rotary drilling equipment and operational procedures, drilling cost
evaluation, functions of drilling fluids, cemens, cement placement techniques, and cement job
design, drilling hydraulics, drilling bits; selection, evaluation, factors affecting bit wear and
drilling speed, bit optimization, casing and various types of casing strings, environmental effects of drilling.

Course Description

Drilling equipment. Rig systems. Drilling fluids and cementing in brief. Cementing and cement slurry design. Drilling hydraulics: Non-static well conditions, Rheological models, Laminar and turbulent flows in pipes and annuli, Basics of well control operations. Rotary drilling bits. Rock failure mechanisms. Drilling cost analysis. Formation pressure and fracture gradients. API Casing performance properties. Introduction to casing design. Essentials of directional drilling.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Hakan Özyurtkan
Course Language
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