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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Uygulamalı Mineraloji
English Applied Mineralogy
Course Code
JEO 419 Credit Lecture
Semester 3
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Recep Fahri Esenli
Course Objectives The aim of the course; to understand origin and evaluation of the different kind of minerals and their physical and chemical features. The main goal of this course is identify of different kind of minerals by using their physical properties. Simple tests and practice on the hand sample is also very common method for identify the different minerals.
Course Description Introduction to the applied mineralogy, sampling, fraction and puring-separation of the mineral grains, description of mineral-crystal, practical identifications, estimation of mineral ratios by using of polarisan microscope, image analysis, measuring technical, appliying of x-rays to minerals, electrone microprobe, XRF analysis, SEM, TEM, Radioactive technical, infrared spectroscobe, thermal technics.
Course Outcomes 1.Princible of the mineralogy
2.Main classifications of the minerals
3.Main chemical, electrical and mechanical properties of the minerals
4.Physical and descriptive features of the minerals
5. Main features of the different mineral groups-systematic mineralogy (Natives, sulfides, oxides, carbonates, silicates etc…)
Required Facilities
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