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PET 436E - Well Stimulation

Course Objectives

1. Introduce the types, occurrence mechanisms, and preventive techniques of damage at well and its vicinity;
2. Introduce the stimulation methods to eliminate the damage and increase flow at well and its vicinity and have student gain ability to choose the most appropriate stimulation method;
3. Furnish student with the ability of basic design of the stimulation methods;
4. Furnish student with the knowledge and awareness on the safety and environmental affects that might arise in the field applications of stimulation methods.

Course Description

Formation damage description and mechanisms. Wellbore skin types and their effects on flow. Well and formation stimulation methods. Acid types and reactions with rocks. Acidizing methods. Hydraulic fracturing, mechanism, methods, design and models. Fracturing fluids, additives, and proppants. Acid-fracturing. Fracturing and fracture efficiency. Safety and environmental affects.

Course Coordinator
İbrahim Metin Mıhçakan
Course Language
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